Time and Billing Tips for Accountants

If time and billing loom over your head at the end of every month, it’s time to scrutinize the systems in place at your firm to see where the issues are. Review these ten time and billing tips to uncover where you can improve efficiency at your accounting firm.

  1.  Use time-tracking software.
  2. Make time entries as you work.
  3. Plan tasks out in advance.
  4. Keep invoices simple.
  5. Incorporate batch invoicing.
  6. Accept online payments.
  7. Offer recurring invoicing.
  8. Outline billing expectations with clients.
  9. Automate with software.
  10. Charge late payment fees.

 Mango Practice Management’s robust accounting practice management system was made by accountants, for accountants. It has everything you need to speed up tedious tasks associated with time and billing. Start simplifying your time and billing and schedule a demo with Mango today. 

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Why Mango?

Mango Practice Management is an all-in-one practice management solution made by accountants, for accountants. Mango’s client-friendly suite of software tools makes it easy to run your firm, regardless of size.

If you want to simplify how you run your accounting firm and grow your profits, stop using outdated, complicated systems, and start using Mango Practice Management today!

  • Automated, Customizable Workflows
  • File Sharing & eSignature with Bank-Level Security
  • Click 'n Pay Invoices
  • Airtight Time Keeping
  • Easy-to-Use Client Port

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