Accounting Project Management Software

Explore Mango Practice Management’s modern due date and project task management software today.


Project and task management software that never lets you miss a deadline

Due dates are maintained perpetually. Complete a task and the next due date is automatically created. Duplicate projects and tasks in batch mode from the Template Library. Customize your workflows with our project management tools.


Gamechanging Features Get Your Due Dates Under Control And Supercharge Your Office Workflow!

Mango goes beyond project management basics and offers robust features to speed up project progress and make your work easier.


Comprehensive Project Dashboard

Get the big picture of project status needs from the Dashboard and drill into the Project List and the Project for the details.  No more guessing about what was finished or missed. 


Project Templates

Project templates can easily be added from the Master Library with many predefined Project Templates. Easily build your own Project Templates with your own custom workflows with our project management software.


Customize Your Workflow

Tag projects to segment for filtering, add notes to projects and filter your projects to narrow the project list and better manage what accounting projects need your attention most.


Email Notifications

Send notifications via email when Projects or Tasks are assigned, or when a certain part of the project is ready for review.

Scale Your Firm the Right Way with Mango’s Due Date Tracking Software

The Right Way with Mango’s Due Date Tracking Software


Transparency with clients and auditors

Maintain the entire history of a client’s work in real-time for future reference in one place. Search projects by name for client status.


Reduce the client chase

Assign filings and other tasks to clients and users. Send automatic email reminders.


Anywhere, Anytime Access

View and update your tax calendar from home, work, or on the road with our mobile app. 


Detailed access controls

Choose exactly who can set up, manage, and view each project.


Sort and View Projects Quickly With a Dashboard

Let’s face it: you don’t have the time to individually check on every single project your firm is working on. Thanks to Mango, you won’t need to. Our project management software dashboard shows exactly what your organization is working on and drills down to the level of individual team members.

Point and click to view the filtered Projects or Tasks you need quickly!  

  • Always have real-time insight into a project’s status
  • See everything at-a-glance to follow up where needed
  • See all of the most important information you need in the right order to help you prioritize your day
  • Manage projects like a superhero and stay organized with a color-coded project dashboard

From the project dashboards, you can sort by:   

  • Tasks that are past due, due today, or due this week
  • Tasks that are ready for review or approval
  • Specific team members and the projects they’re working on
  • Customized tags developed for individual projects

Plus, get a helpful summary of where every project is at so you can get a broad sense of how work is going across the organization. Mango offers all the tools you need in one project management solution.

Don’t Leave Important Deadlines Up To Chance

You understand intuitively the importance of deadlines. In the accounting world, things must be done on time and in the right format—the organizations you deal with in this space won’t accept anything less. But we all know that not everyone can meet every single project deadline 100% of the time. People are people, and even the most reliable team member might have a personal emergency or another type of issue that causes them to miss work or let a due date slip. Task management software makes deadline communication simpler so other team members can pick up tasks when needed.

Level Up Your Office Workflow With Smart Task Management Software

Mango’s simple, intuitive tax due date calendar helps you stay ahead of important tax deadlines and avoid late fees. You can use our accountant due date monitoring software to keep track of multiyear deadlines, payments, extensions, filings, projects, and more.

Our management software for accountants includes several key features designed to make life easy for busy accountants trying to juggle several tasks, teams, and clients all at once.

Enjoy these key features:

  • Automatic notifications to make sure your staff knows when there are high-priority tasks overdue or coming due soon, without lifting a finger
  • Multiple options for time tracking so that you can combine your project management workflow with timekeeping tools to ensure your resources are being spent appropriately
  • Filter and sort tasks at a glance using the project dashboard to get a sense of where you are on every project at the same time—this way, you can see what you need to focus on next and catch potential obstacles before they become problems
  • Import client data and information from other programs (like CRM), docs, and formats automatically—your workflow won’t be interrupted just because you decide to make a change in software

If you’re still relying on spreadsheets and filing cabinets, it’s time to ditch the paperwork and last-minute scrambles and upgrade to a centralized, customizable, automatically updated task-tracking software you can access from anywhere. Find what you need in seconds to speed through your workday with maximum effectiveness.


Save Time with Project Templates

Streamline your workflow with powerful project templates in project task management software:

  • Free templates - Get started using the software with standard templates for the most common project types, like invoicing and billing. From there, it’s easy to customize your own templates to be used in future project workflows and take your task management to the next level.
  • Duplicate your templates in batch - Create a large batch of tasks for one or more projects, then apply them as you see fit. Modify or add tasks at the template level or individual project level for the functionality needed.
  • Attach notes - Use the notes feature to make any last-minute comments or call-outs for the next person who will be reviewing the task. You can also turn on the option to send notifications when notes are added to a project task.

All accounting firms have to deal with repetitive tasks that are done throughout the course of a project. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, it’s important that recurring tasks get done so that the project at large can stay on track.

But it’s bothersome to have to manually create the same type of task over and over again—especially when you know it could be handled easily by an automated script or software tool. With Mango, you can avoid these roadblocks and streamline your firm using our project management tools.

Email notifications for streamlined project management

Even though you may feel like project management software is critical to your day-to-day work as an accountant, everyone has different styles and preferences. Some people may not be inclined to develop the habit of checking in with project management software every day or even multiple times a day.

That’s where email notifications become valuable. For those members of your team who might prefer to use their email inbox as a central storage location for project data, notifications are a great reminder that it’s time to take care of the next task.

Mango allows project managers to set notifications when tasks are complete, assigned to team members, ready for review, or due soon. In some cases, notifications can prevent a user from having to use a different program that they aren’t comfortable with or used to. Customizable settings allow you to create the perfect notification system for collaboration at your accounting firm.

What about tax deadlines?

Keep Tax Season on Track With Project Management Software for accountants

You can’t run the risk of missing an important deadline set by the IRS—especially when your client is paying you to ensure everything gets handled in a timely manner.  Our due date tracking software comes pre-set with all standard IRS tax return due dates, such as 1040, 1041, 1065, 1120, 1120-S, 990, and 5500. This way, getting set up is a snap even if you handle many different kinds of tax projects at your accounting firm.

We can easily integrate with QuickBooks ® and other popular tax software, so your client data will be immediately accessible from project beginning to end.

Other benefits of Mango for accounting professionals who specialize in tax management:

  • Easily track weekly, quarterly, monthly, annual, and bi-annual deadlines, as well as one-time events
  • Automatically carry over last year’s information, reduce your risk of mistakes, and cut down on tedious hard data entry
  • Automatically carry over internal payroll deadlines such as forms 941, 940, W-2, W-3, 1099, and 1042
  • Track internal compliance projects such as bookkeeping; write-ups; monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements; property and sales taxes; and SEC or other regulatory filings

Project Management Software Can Keep Your Operation on Track

Even if manual project management methods like spreadsheets, documents, and emails have worked for you in the past, you owe it to yourself and your clients to use the best tools on the market that can provide the biggest benefit for your company and its success

With all the features of Mango’s powerful project management software and robust time tracking and due date tracking features, you and your team will have all you need to meet deadlines, collaborate, assign tasks, increase productivity, and stay on top of each component of all your different projects. Through notifications, an easy-to-use dashboard, downloadable apps, and convenient template and batch task options, our software can put hours back in your day—and dollars into your accounting firm’s bottom line.

Due Date, Task Management, and Workflow FAQs

Yes, with Mango’s accounting project management tool, you can use time-tracking features and assign budgets to track efficiency and help your project managers establish a more accurate value basis for projects and processes performed at your accounting firm.

Yes, with our project management tool, a specified per-client task can be tracked, and each one can have its own unique start date and due date, making it easy to track project progress for one-off tasks and allowing for more effective project management.

The Deadline Notification Screen in our project management software provides a list of process steps and task dependencies from any task assignments you may receive. These task assignments can be based on days before the task due date or based on the completion of the previous step, and makes managing workflows and tracking project progress a snap.

Yes! Mango’s project management software gives you the freedom to integrate a variety of software solutions with our project management tool. Use your email, bookkeeping, and tax software within Mango and say goodbye to extra manual processes—like double entry and switching back and forth with multiple tools at once—so you can move towards simpler, more user-friendly project management strategies.

Yes! Mango’s accounting software provides a wealth of tools that can help your accounting team with resource management, payroll management, project billing, project accounting, managing multiple projects, client communications, managing project timelines, and increasing operational efficiency.

Your professional services firm can benefit from these great tools:

  • Document Management Tools that organize critical documents and let you access them from anywhere, anytime, ensuring that nothing ever gets lost in a filing cabinet.
  • Time and Billing Solutions that enhance your accounting operations by ensuring all time is tracked accurately and clients are billed correctly.
  • Client Communication Tools that allow you to easily handle client requests and keep clients informed, all from an easy-to-use client dashboard.
  • Payment Solutions that facilitate financial management and increase your cash flow while making things more convenient for your clients.
  • Reporting & Analytics that generate data for financial analysis, project planning, and resource allocation so you can make informed decisions.

Unlike other accounting software solutions with a steep learning curve, the best project management software allows accounting firms to get the job done with just a few clicks of a button.

You'll never have to worry about your team getting lost when using Mango’s accounting firm software for accounting operations.

Our project task management software gives you an edge with project management by allowing you to see important due dates on your display on screen or in printed reports, filtered and sorted by many options with custom fields to get to the specific data set you wish to view and track project progress.

With Mango’s accounting project management software for accountants, managing projects is easier than ever before for partners, staff members, and accounting project managers.

With Mango’s accounting project management software, you can update statuses directly from the Deadline Notification screen or from the individual client’s Manage Edit Deadlines screen. You can tag process steps as “in process” or “completed,” as well as enter notes into the system associated with those items to make tracking project progress easy and convenient for your team.

Accounting project manager jobs are challenging, and while there are many accounting project management software solutions out there for businesses of all types, and even some limited free project management software, it’s important to choose the right project management software—a tool that’s been designed with accountants in mind.

From solo accountants to in-house teams to large accounting practices, Mango’s robust platform was designed with the specific needs of all professionals in the accounting industry. All the features in Mango’s project management software for accountants make it a one-stop shop for accountants.

Key features of Mango’s PM software allow your team to:

  • Use time tracking effectively to ensure you and your project manager are aware of the time spent on each task
  • Generate insightful reports that show you how to optimize your team’s time
  • Manage work more effectively, save time, and improve productivity
  • Communicate with clients efficiently using project management software with client portals
  • Make document management more efficient with less risk of human error
  • Easily create invoices from tracked time
  • Track task assignments for your team to manage workflows, assign task dependencies, and ensure every task is completed on time.
  • Monitor progress on simple and complex projects from start to finish