Secure File-Sharing for Accounting Professionals

Introducing MangoShare, the next evolution in secure file-sharing that your clients will actually like and use


File sharing that’s fast, secure, and easy—for you and your clients

Unlike other secure file sharing services (or a client portal), MangoShare allows you to send and receive documents and e-signatures securely via email without PDFs.


Rock Solid Security

Send files, store files, and receive e-signatures with confidence on all your devices


Streamline Your Security

MangoShare uses the universal folder and document system. It can fit into almost any existing workflow, so you won’t have to go out of your way to keep important files safe.


Securely Send Documents via Email

Take control of your file-sharing. No more waiting on clients to remember their password and log into your portal…or worse, waiting for important documents in the mail. Gain back critical time during tax season by sending documents securely via email and receiving electronic signatures in a snap!


Bank-level Security

All documents are encrypted with the SHA-256 encryption algorithm used by the NSA to protect data transfers between your computer and the server. While your documents are at rest on the cloud server, all data is encrypted and stored behind a certified firewall.


Professionally Branding

Use your company’s name, branding, and logo on our secure file-sharing system. Look professional every time your clients interact with you!

Get your client to sign

  • Securely share and request files without requiring a login
  • Request and share files from your inbox
  • Seamlessly add file-sharing to your workflows
  • Replace password-protected PDFs with simpler link-based sharing
  • Unlimited storage space and file size
  • More secure than email attachments
  • Client activity notifications
  • Much easier than a portal!

News flash— Your client portal is slowing you down and frustrating your clients.

Improve the client experience and securely get the documents and signatures you need fast. MangoShare’s secure file sharing for accountants allows you the security of a portal with the speed, simplicity, and access of email.


Keep it Secure. Make it Easy

With MangoShare's secure file-sharing and document management tools, you can keep your sensitive client information secure, compliant, usable, and accessible: from any device, at any location. 

  • Support for eSignatures - Get electronic signatures and make any contract or document legally binding. Every accountant knows getting documents signed is a routine part of the job, but it’s still important. E-signatures prevent you from having to worry about faxing, mail, or PDFs. 
  • Simple graphic interface - Even non-tech savvy clients will quickly understand and be able to use your platform. With drag-and-drop functionality and straightforward icons, it’s a breeze to upload the correct documents in the right place to keep your project on track. 
  • Bank-level protection - With encryption protocols developed by the NSA to ensure your files can’t be accessed by hackers or others looking to steal data. 

The Secure File-Sharing Challenge

Despite the challenges of encrypting sensitive files, you must secure client information at all times. It’s a huge responsibility to handle the data involved with an accounting workflow, and accountants face this task on a daily basis with every single client they work with when collaborating on projects. 

Data breaches, hacked emails, and stolen identities have increased 50% or more every year for the past four years. 

As an accounting firm, you manage highly sensitive information. The law requires that you adhere to standards in how you handle it. But you also can’t afford to make things difficult for your clients—that can create obstacles during time-sensitive tasks. 

There’s nothing worse than taking a 10-minute phone call to walk your client through how to open up or download a document—especially during tax season when things are hectic for your firm. 

When you use MangoShare, you don’t have to choose between security and ease of use. 


Are You a Target?

And before you think that you’re too small to be targeted, understand that hackers are looking for weakness, not size.  

They know that smaller firms don’t have the budget or resources to constantly have an entire IT team monitoring technological security and infrastructure for all internal users. Even if your server is encrypted, once you send emails externally, they are out in the open and vulnerable, just like every other email.  

They could be read by anyone. 

Secure File Sharing Services Protect Your Firm

At the end of the day, security is the law. You have to protect your client’s information both when sending documents and storing them. Even if you get written permission from your client to send it unsecured, you’re still breaking the law. 

If you are emailing PII (Personally Identifiable Information), it needs to be secured.   

Give yourself and your clients peace of mind and implement secure file sharing for accountants. 


Help Your Clients Help You

Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar: You send a client their password-protected file, then send a second email or give them a call to let them know what the password to access the file is. 

Then they reply to your email or give you a call and tell you that they don’t know their password. This happens to every accounting firm, and it’s a result of a system that is built around the accountant, not around the client. 

Whether you send the file through your client portal or a password-protected PDF, they still have to find the password. That single barrier to entry will stop your clients from adopting the technology you purchased and keeps your firm in the dark age. 

Which method is safer for your business?

Paperless File Sharing for Security

Before computers and the internet, accounting firms had to rely on physical safeguards to protect documents. Information was only as safe as the document it was printed on and the envelope it was enclosed in. 

The digital age has brought convenience. We can transmit documents across the country with a few clicks or keystrokes. People can do business together from anywhere in the world, whether they’re across the street or across the ocean. Websites let you tell everyone about your accounting practice. 

But for accounting firms, technology also brings significant new security risks. Nearly every day, hackers take advantage of flawed security or information workers who let their guard down and allow their organization’s network to be compromised. If a business doesn’t use secure file-sharing, it’s only a matter of time until their data is breached. 


Digital Doesn’t Always Mean More Secure

As many small accounting firms and other businesses have learned, more convenience does not translate to more security. Dropbox is a great example. It started as a simple idea to keep documents and photos accessible across different devices. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s suitable for enterprise-level protection. 

In 2016, a Dropbox hack exposed 68 million user credentials. Although it appeared that no actual data was compromised in the hack, it still serves as an important example of what can happen from the smallest security oversights. 

High-level encryption for sensitive files

The traditional problem with file encryption is it’s not very user-friendly. Some clients your firm works with may not be comfortable with traditional file-sharing, let alone highly secure file-sharing. 

And while it sounds simple to say that you’ll help your clients understand encryption protocols and password-protected documents, this kind of approach is never as effective in the real world. Teaching technology concepts is complex and time-consuming, and your clients may not have the time or interest to dive deep into high-level technology training.  

No more password-protected PDFs

One of the biggest culprits of client confusion is password-protected PDFs. Not only are they not intuitive, but sharing the password with your client can sometimes cause an annoying back-and-forth. Even if you give them the information, it’s up to them to store and use it properly. 

Instead of depending on this clunky interface for protecting files and hoping your clients can learn how to use it properly, use a system that doesn’t require any teaching and can be adopted by anyone. 


Top File Sharing Combines Security and Convenience

The bottom line? You need to keep your clients’ files protected, but you can’t afford to do so at the cost of convenience. It doesn’t matter how secure your platform is if your clients get so frustrated that they don’t end up using it. 

Stop stressing about password-protected PDFs, calling clients to walk them through the complicated decryption process, or sending critical business information back and forth without any kind of protection. Send secure links instead for easy downloads and file transfers, with no password needed. 

Mango Billing has everything you need for easy, secure file-sharing for accountants that keeps you and your clients protected without slowing down your normal workflows, improving customer satisfaction and internal operations. 

The Tools Your Clients Will Like and Use Run on Mango

Innovative file-sharing and electronic signature tools built for you and your clients

Secure File Sharing FAQ's

If you share a document with PII (Personal Identifiable Information -name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc.), that document needs to be secured. It’s recommended to use an encryption service, such as ImagineShare, to send these types of documents for a secure file transfer.  

Dropbox and Google Drive were originally produced for consumer use. People commonly upload files to send music, documents, and large files over the platform. As more consumers implemented these file-sharing services for more than just personal use, they started using these accounts to host and share large files in the workplace.  

Since Dropbox is downloaded on individual computers or mobile devices and synced across connected accounts, there are a lot of security flaws when dealing with business information. In addition, Dropbox has had multiple documented confidential data breaches where millions of accounts were compromised, so it’s not particularly safe for business users. 

There is no end-to-end encryption with Dropbox or Google Drive, and therefore neither is sufficient for businesses looking to share files securely. Using an encryption service exclusively built for accounting firms when sharing files with sensitive information is recommended. When you use generic services, you risk a data breach in your shared folders and files. 

Tools like Mango Share send documents through client portals and secure links. 

When implementing a private cloud service to send sensitive information, using a platform that requires users to log in or verify their identity is mandatory to ensure they have the correct permissions. Mango’s secure file-sharing and document management platform rights the wrong of Dropbox and allows you to encrypt your client’s PII while it’s being sent over the internet or stored securely. 

Sending PII (personally identifiable information) using methods that require a login or identity verification will provide the most secure way to send or receive files and limit who accesses them. Mango Practice’s data security allows for secure cloud storage and fully encrypted data transfers.  

File transfers and sharing can be safe if the correct precautions are taken. Sending a regular email with a file attached is not a safe way to send files. There is an entire market of secure file-sharing services with sets of security features, like public key cryptography and shared links, that allow you to send files securely. Using a private secure file-sharing platform will give you a safe way to optimize your efficiency without compromising security.

For accounting firms and CPAs, it is best to have your document management, file-sharing, client portal, and email communication done within a highly secure platform like Mango Practice.

Confidential documents need to be sent differently than regular documents. These documents must be secured with a login, password, or identity verification requirement for the recipient to achieve a compliant file-sharing solution. When using Mango Practice, you can send files securely via email, without the use of a portal, while maintaining the strictest security standards.

For shared files or documents for your accounting or CPA firm, use a secure file-sharing portal or encrypted email platform like Mango Practice.

If you’re providing professional services, using a secure client portal or encrypted email platform like Mango Practice to upload files is the best way to send and receive confidential information from clients.

Sending documents within your accounting practice is just as vulnerable as sending them externally. You are still using public email servers to send documents with sensitive data. Collaborate with colleagues using email encryption or client portal tools, such as Mango Practice, to securely deliver sensitive documents and data or control access to essential documents.

Ensure your computer is password protected and create an additional password to access and view any sensitive folders. Back up any files you have on your computer using an encrypted cloud service. 

Do not use regular email for securely sharing your articles, files, and folders because that’s like opening windows to your client’s personal information. Accounting professionals must do a file transfer through an encrypted email or secure client portal platform for secure online file-sharing to protect from data breaches. 

Dropbox encrypts documents when sending but has had trouble with accounts being hacked and data breaches. Even if the shared document is sent securely, it can easily fall into the wrong hands because of Dropbox’s consumer environment. When you use Dropbox, you can check to see if your account has been opened in any browsers that aren’t yours. But by then, it’s too late, and your data may already be compromised. 

If you’re building a professional accounting services firm, Mango Practice will provide you with NSA-level security for safeguarding sensitive client information along with a suite of other services to run your firm securely. With Mango, you can share files securely through email or client portals.