Time and Billing Software
For Accountants

Ensure you're getting paid for all your work using Mango's fast and efficient time and billing software tools.


Powerful Time and Billing Tools

Do your CPAs still rely on handwritten notes, filing cabinets, and excel spreadsheets to handle time and billing? Mango’s robust time and billing tools can help your firm save time, invoice more accurately, streamline workflows, and make more profitable decisions for the future.

Mango Practice is a web-based time and billing software application that handles time tracking, expense tracking, invoicing, reporting, client portals, and e-payments for fast cash collections, as well as firm-wide scheduling, due date management, document management, secure file sharing, and a lot more!


It’s time to ditch your filing cabinet, Excel spreadsheets, and crumpled receipts. Run faster and more efficiently with powerful tools for invoice creation, including customizable invoice templates, batch invoicing, automated recurring invoicing, and more.


Accepting electronic payments can shorten the time it takes your firm to get paid, ower your AR, and reduce the need for collections activities. Mango lets clients pay their bills through a secure client portal in only a few clicks.

Time Tracking

Whether you bill hourly or by project, tracking time is critical to understanding the profitability of your work. Mango’s time tracking tools help you capture all time spent on both billable and non-billable tasks, so you can set profitable rates and maximize your billable time.

Time and Billing Tools for Growing Your Firm


Time and Expense Tracking

Mango’s time and billing software allows your CPAs to track time spent both in and out of the office from any device. Employ smart time trackers and expense trackers to get accurate data for client billing and resource management—so you can focus on your work, not the clock!


Billing & Invoicing

Create separate timers for each type of work you do—even for the same client—whether you’re tracking billable time or value billing. Then automatically create, edit, and send batch invoices for clients from a single screen.


Online Payments

Reduce AR and improve your clients’ experience by accepting electronic payments of all types. Using Mango’s “Click and Pay” feature, your clients can make payments easily while you reduce your processing fees.


Robust Reporting

Run your business using precise, real-time data. When your time, billing, payments, and due date management are all on the same platform, you can supercharge your reporting with deeper insights.

Accounting Features to Streamline and Modernize Your Firm


A Time Tracker for Anywhere

Mango’s time tracking software ensures that you and your team can always create or update time entries in real-time. No matter what device you’re on or where you’re working, you can run a timer to track work hours.


Run Multiple Timers

Have several different tasks to manage in the same project? You can create separate timers for each type of work you do, even for the same client—then use Mango to track time for each task. You can even switch seamlessly between them without losing time in between.


Batch Time Entry

Use a spreadsheet-like interface to easily add multiple new records at the same time. Great for repetitive client work and time tracking for day-to-day tasks.


Project Budgeting

Get greater accountability and insight by comparing budgeted time to the actual time spent on a task or project. Then see profitability by team member, project, or client in your project management dashboard.



Sort your time records by a variety of options including client, activity, or time tracker to help analyze past performance, assess employee productivity, and plan for the future.

Whether you bill by the hour or by the project, time literally is money.

If you’re not keeping track of your employees’ time and how they spend it, you aren’t keeping track of your profits.

With Mango’s time & billing software, accountants can track their time efficiently and accurately. With features that let you generate invoices, stay on top of time allocation, and push out status updates to clients, Mango eliminates the frustrations that often accompany time tracking for accountants.

Our accounting clients can say goodbye to spreadsheets, sticky notes, and crumpled receipts—just start a timer on your phone, tablet, or desktop, and get an accurate time log that can be instantly converted into a professional invoice your clients can pay online.

Timers to Make Billing and Business Easy

Quickly Capture Time

Mango offers everything your CPAs need to implement better time tracking—all within an easy-to-use interface that’s built by accountants, for accountants. Start and stop as many timers as you need. Easily pause and edit time entries if needed. Once time tracking is done, convert the timer to a time record to be processed for invoicing and accounting.

Start and Stop Timers from Anywhere

No matter what kind of device you’re on or where you are, Mango’s cloud-based time and billing software allows you to track time with ease. There’s no need to miss a day of recording because you’re working in a different location or on a different device.

Turn Appointments into Dollars

Bill for your time promptly and professionally: With Mango’s time and billing tools, you can set timers to automatically convert meeting records into branded invoices.

Use Multiple Timers for Different Tasks and Billing Rates

With Mango, your team can use several kinds of timers throughout the day to separate different types of tasks. No more confusion over how much time is spent on administrative tasks and how much is spent on client work.


Pop-Up Time Entry

Add Time from Anywhere

Working outside the office for the day or taking care of some work at a client’s office? Don’t stress about getting behind on your timekeeping. Our time tracking software allows you to start and stop timers from any device.

Streamline Employee Training

Your employees don’t want to spend hours of time learning a new system for recording their timesheets, and they shouldn’t have to. Mango’s pop-up time entry dialogs are intuitive and simple, which lets your team focus more of their attention on billable time—and less on tedious manual timekeeping.

Time Entry Shortcuts

Mango allows shortcuts to be used in the Work Description or as a Private Memo to speed up data entry dramatically. Simply create the shortcut and give it a description, then pick it from the drop-down list to automatically paste it in as a time entry.

Project Budgeting

Better Accountability with Enhanced Time Tracking

Manage projects more efficiently by tracking time to more than just one particular task. Even if you’re not billing hourly, comparing actual time to budgeted time will help you streamline internal processes and better plan and allocate resources for future work.

Email Alerts and Notifications with 8 Customized Triggers

Know when a project is going off track and give your team the insight they need with email alerts and notifications.

Quickly Spot Profitable (and Unprofitable) Clients

Not all revenue is good revenue. Mango’s time budgeting and sophisticated reporting modules help you spot the best clients and know exactly which clients are not as profitable (and by how much).

Easily See Your Most Efficient (and Inefficient) Staff

It’s not always easy to see if your staff is performing according to plan. With Mango’s time budgeting and reporting modules, you can spot the most efficient team members, learn what they’re doing differently, and use that insight to improve project management for the entire team.


Smarter Reporting

Limit Access to Personal Use

Security settings let you prevent staff from viewing sensitive client information and billing rates so that they’re only responsible for filling out their own time slips.

Create Default Client Billing Rate Templates

Administrators can create default rate templates with varying settings for certain users, clients, client groups, and work codes. This enforces your firm’s billing policies, speeds up the billing process, and ensures accuracy during invoice creation for clients.

Assess Team Productivity

Allows administrators to view and print reports which compare budgeted hours to actual hours entered. This allows you to identify inefficiencies and improve your firm’s overall productivity. The easy-to-read grid displays total hours by day for all staff members over a select period of time, as well as dollar production totals at standard rates.

But That’s Not All…

  • Report write-up/write-down by client, activity, or employee for analytics.
  • Report profit summary by engagement type.
  • Multiple options on reporting from both A/R tracking and billed amounts by client, group, staff, etc.
  • Generate statements with a summary of outstanding invoices.
  • Easily segregate charges by engagement type.
  • And much more.


Choose between a Narrative or Detail invoice formats, depending on your client’s preferences.

Manual Invoicing

Easily generate and customize individual invoices with Mango. Our time and billing software allows you to edit line items one at a time for a single invoice and show your clients exactly what you want them to see.

Batch Invoicing

Invoice creation has never been easier with Mango’s batch invoicing functionality. Generate, edit, and send multiple invoices at the same time, and save hours each month.

Recurring Invoicing

Mango Practice also offers effortless recurring billing. Set your regular billing on autopilot by automatically generating and sending recurring invoices from customizable invoice templates.

Retainer Invoicing

Generate a payment request without affecting the client’s AR. Allow clients to make a payment upfront for time.

Plus, you can:

  • Quickly and easily generate repetitive fixed fee invoices with or without time entries.
  • Show previous balance information and total amount due on invoices.
  • Email or mail printed invoices to the client.

Online Payment Processing

Accept Everything, Securely

Make the switch to online invoicing and digital payments, without risking clients’ personal and credit card information. Mango allows you to stop waiting for checks in the mail—instead, you can easily accept ACH/Electronic Checks and Credit Card payments. And with 256-bit encryption, your transactions and client information are secure.

“Click and Pay”

With Mango’s “click and pay” feature, your clients don’t even have to remember an ID and password to make a payment. It’s all done in just a few clicks.

Reduce Expenses

Save money by cutting your credit card processing fees or passing them on to your clients with our surcharging feature. Our rates are 2.99% and $0.29 per transaction, and ACH transactions are 1% (up to $10 max).

Get Paid Faster

With our super-fast processing, you’ll be able to access your funds within 24-48 hours.

Time and Billing Software Integrations

One of the biggest pain points of modern accounting is integrating several different software tools to function together in your company’s workflow. If you don’t use a time and billing software that integrates well with your other software tools, you can spend a surprising amount of time manually trying to carry data from one program over to another. Worse, this leads to frustration and decreased productivity among your team.

Mango easily integrates with QuickBooks and their popular software, so you can quickly carry over all your existing client data and get started right away. Even if you have years of records archived, Mango can help you take full advantage of our QuickBooks integration. Our data conversion tool can easily import information from:

  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Outlook
  • Google

Plus, Mango allows you to import invoices and payments from a variety of the most popular tax software tools for accounting professionals, including:

  • Lacerte
  • UltraTax
  • ProSeries
  • Drake
  • ATX series programs

Common Questions About Time and Billing

Yes, with Mango’s Time and Billing System for accounting firms, any number of pre-formatted billing explanations can be saved and quickly recalled for use on the current bill.

Yes, custom bill explanations are available in the Detail Slip Bills and Super Bill sections.

Yes. Our time and billing software allows you to run invoiced and production-based realization reports by client, staff, or work code for any date range with entries associated with that project.

If a credit card is required for payment, your client can pay by clicking a link in the email that includes a PDF attachment with their latest bill. Those payments are then imported into ImagineTime and automatically applied to the correct client.

There is also a quick credit card payment processing feature directly on the payment entry screen within Mango. This feature includes a payment receipt emailed to the client.

Yes! Whether you’re a 1-person bookkeeping firm or have hundreds of employees spread around the world, Mango is designed to empower every element of the time management, client management, and project management of your professional services firm.

While many software companies offer generic, one-size-fits-all time and billing solutions, Mango is specifically designed by accountants, for accountants. That means every one of our time and billing tools is fine-tuned for the needs of modern accounting firms and their workflows.

Mango also goes far beyond simply helping you track time and send invoices. In addition to robust time tracking and flexible invoicing tools, Mango offers:

  • Secure file sharing and e-signature functionalities
  • Project management features
  • Document management tools
  • In-depth reporting and analytics

Ultimately, all of this is in service of our larger goal: helping you maximize your time and run the most successful and profitable firm possible.

And because we really do care about making accountants’ lives easier, our helpful, approachable software support team is always there to help you get the most of our software—at no additional charge.

The Last Word on Time and Billing Software for Accounting Professionals

As an accounting firm, time is one thing you can’t afford to waste or lose track of. The time you spend rendering services for clients is the lifeblood of your business. Yet too many accounting firms and their team members are spending precious hours fiddling with time reports, porting numbers from one place to another, or finishing repetitive data entry required for client billing. This problem may not seem critical in the short term, but over time it can cost your business serious money in the form of lost revenue and productivity.

That’s why it’s so important to have the right time and billing software at your side. Mango’s robust suite of time tracking and billing tools is here to take some of the administrative load off your plate.

Instead of stressing about how your team is managing their weekly time card or manually starting invoice creation, let Mango's powerful accounting firm time and billing software automate these processes for you. With our comprehensive billing, invoicing and time entry tools, you can ensure your team is focused on their work, not the clock, and that you’re maximizing every hour of the limited time you have available to devote to clients.