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Finally…Flexible, Professional Invoicing for Modern Accounting Firms. Stop struggling with outdated invoicing practices that cost time and money.

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Invoice any way you want with Mango Practice.

Create invoices associated with time records, or invoice without time records. Use custom templates to generate invoices from time records, import billing data from other apps, or set up recurring and batch invoices to automate repetitive client billing.


Smarter Billing & Invoicing for your accounting firm

Send unlimited professional invoices and accept payments online with ease.


Batch Invoicing

Save hours every month by creating, editing, and sending multiple invoices from a single screen for different projects and clients.


Manual Invoicing

Take complete control of invoice line items that you want your client to see on the invoice in a narrative or detail style format. Apply discounts and apply payments with ease.


Recurring Invoicing

Bill the same amounts every period? No problem.  Recurring invoicing will speed up the invoicing process.  Optionally release time records based on a bill through date.  Time records are not required.


Retainer Invoicing

Generate a request for payment without affecting current AR to the client. Allow clients to pay for time up front. Get greater insight into profitability and  realization on retainer projects.

The Best Billing and Invoicing

Software for Accountants


Time Tracking

Instantly convert timesheet records into invoices to make getting paid quick and easy.


Multiple Plug-and-Play Templates

Mango allows you to send “detailed” or “narrative” style invoices, depending on how much you want to share with the client.


Supports Value Billing or Hourly Billing

Whether you’re billing by the hour or by the project, you’ll have the data you need to invoice accurately and know how profitable each project, employee, and client is.


Value Billing Made Easy

Get the invoicing tools to make value billing easy. Get the tools you need to work toward “zero AR”


Expense Tracking

Easily track all your expenses and associate them with individual client work.

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Ditch the overcrowded filing cabinet

Tired of endless spreadsheets, and crumpled receipts. With Mango’s accounting firm billing software, you can create professional-looking invoices, automate billing and payment reminders, and put your clients in control of their payments. Our software was created by CPAs, for CPAs, and designed to tackle the unique challenges only accountants face. Keep scrolling to learn how Mango’s invoicing tools help your firm run faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Batch Invoicing

Generate Invoices Faster and Easier from a Single Screen

Create, Edit, and Send Invoices in Bulk

With Mango, there’s no need to create these invoices one by one. In just a few clicks, you can generate as many invoices as you’d like and send them to one or more clients. If necessary, you can adjust your invoice templates to include new information or changed rates.

Automated Invoicing

Mango is the fastest way to generate invoices. Have flexibility to generate Narrative style invoices in case you (or your client) do not want overly Detailed invoices.

Filter Time & Expense Records

Filter records based on a cut-off date or by Engagement. Select “Process Invoices” and 100’s of invoices are generated in seconds!

Accountants run into plenty of situations where they need to generate many invoices at once – perhaps you have a client who purchases several different kinds of service from you, or maybe you want to generate invoices for a single type of service all at the same time.

Batch invoice generation is a simple function that can save an immense amount of time and make things easy for your team.

Manual Invoicing

Flexible Billing

Set Invoice Formats, Discounts, Print or Email Actions and control which Engagements to invoice based on cut-off dates.

Invoice With or Without Time Records

Not tracking time, no problem. You can still produce professional looking, accurate invoices.

Invoice for Time and Expenses

Drill-down on time and expense records and optionally select records. Write-Up/Down is automatically calculated by Engagement.

Work from Templates: Narrative or Detailed

Choose from a variety of detailed invoice types, including retainer, recurring, fixed, hourly, phased, and more. Whether you have to split invoices among multiple clients, or customize percentages, you’ll always invoice with confidence.

There are some situations that call for a different type of invoice, one that needs a manual touch. Mango allows you to create your own invoices to meet a wide variety of billing situations so that you never feel restricted by stock templates. Even if you’re value billing and don’t have any time records associated with the client project, you can prepare, post, print and accept payment from professional-looking invoices.


Recurring Invoicing

Easily Automate Recurring Invoices

Simple Recurring Invoicing

Quickly generate invoices, in batch, for a given period with the flexibility to release time records if required. Time records are not required for Recurring Invoicing. Dates are automatically incremented based on Frequency.

Filter Invoices for Billing

Select by Engagement, or any other criteria to quickly find the right invoice.

Using automation is by far the fastest way for accounting firms to create invoices and get paid. Without it, your team is left to spend valuable time creating their own invoices from scratch. Even if you use a software tool with a template feature, you still have to spend time creating and sending them over to the client.

With Mango, you can quickly generate invoices, in batch, for a given period with the flexibility to release time records if required. Time records are not required to take advantage of the recurring invoice feature. Dates are automatically incremented based on frequency. Once the invoices are generated, you can send them as a batch or individually depending on your preferences and billing agreements with the client.

Integrated Payment Processing

Make writing checks a thing of the past. Accept instant payments online without the hassle or hidden fees.

  • Accept All Electronic Payment Types - ACH/Electronic Checks, Credit Cards
  • More Affordable - Cut your credit card processing fees. Credit Card rates are 2.99% and $0.29 per transaction. ACH transactions are 1% (up to $10 max).
  • Lightning Fast Processing - Access your funds within 24-48 hours.
  • Fully Integrated - Payments are integrated with Mango’s practice management software so you have the data you need when you need it.
  • Secure Data Storage - 256-Bit encryption
  • Surcharging - Easily pass credit card fees to your clients.

Filter Invoices for Billing

Once you’ve created an invoice, you can preview and print it from the Billing Dashboard. After the bill has been previewed or printed, it will be posted automatically. You can then email it to various client lists using our email filtering system.

After the invoice has been sent, you’ll be able to review it using Mango’s comprehensive invoice review system. You can sort your list of past invoices based on their current status, date, client name, or invoice number. It’s easy to draw on past data while creating a new invoice, or check in on a client’s invoice history at a glance.

You can also process invoices and update their status, which in turn will reflect on your outstanding balance and accounts payable.


Easy Billing Communications With Clients

Mango’s streamlined accounting practice management software makes billing communication simple with several key features like these.

  • Send the Right Invoice - Choose narrative invoices for a high-level overview or detailed invoices for a more specific breakdown of services rendered
  • Flexible Sending Methods - Send invoices through Mango’s secure email-based file sharing system or make them accessible through our secure client portal.
  • Branded Invoice Templates - Get your logo on every invoice and keep your brand top of mind.

Invoicing is a two-way street. Even if you have the most efficient, cutting-edge internal system for creating invoices and sending them over to your clients, your clients need to be able to receive and engage with your invoices so that they can pay you what they owe.

With Mango, both you and your clients get what you need, the way you need it.

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