Accounting Client Reporting Software

Reporting & Analytics Software makes it easy to know at a glance where your firm stands


Immediately view which client accounts yield the most profits.

Quickly identify trends and key information about your firm. Understand which clients are bringing in the most revenue, so you can allocate your firm's time and resources accordingly.


Use Dashboards That Inform


Motivational & Goal Oriented

If you are tracking time, see your billable and non-billable time at a glance.  Visually see if you are on target to meet goals.  Visually see how your work week is shaping up.  The Leaderboard is a motivational tool showing rankings for the entire organization.


Appointments in Agenda View

See all your important information including your appointments on the Dashboard.

Dashboards That Tell a Story

Compare year over year trends for your key metrics and understand in real-time your firm's performance.


Beat the competition with Mango.

When your clients can access their data in a simple, digestible format, they’ll be more likely to stick with you for the long haul. And when you can see which clients are bringing you the most profit, you know which clients should receive the majority of your time and energy.