Document Management Software for Accounting Professionals

All your important business documents in one place. Easy for you to manage, convenient for your clients to access.

Document Management Software for Accounting Professionals

Discover Cloud-Based Document Management to Optimize Every Workforce Hour

Mango's Document Management Program works seamlessly with MangoShare. Request documents, share files, and obtain eSignatures securely by email.

Fast and Flexible Ways to View Documents


Built-in document preview

See how your document looks for your clients without ever leaving the page. Our intuitive document previewer lets you quickly see a large view of your document.


Control team member and client email notifications

Email Notifications are powerful! Create your own customized HTML email templates to be assigned at every folder level. Notify a client automatically when a document is uploaded to a folder.  Upload a tax return and the client will be automatically notified to review it in the Client Portal. Select Users to be notified if a client or team member has uploaded documents.

Fast and Flexible Ways to View Documents
Granular Permissions for Secure Collaboration

Granular Permissions for Secure Collaboration

Folder Permission Profiles allow you to control which team members have access at every folder level. You also have complete control over folders to share in the client portal for your clients to have Read and Download/Upload access.

Templates to Speed Up Your Work


Beautiful HTML Email Templates

You are in charge of how your email notifications look and can add personalized messaging with custom fields. Email templates can be assigned to any folder at any level. Notifications allow you to streamline communications automatically based on an upload or download event.


Create Client Folder Templates

Assign folder templates at the client level, or in batch to clients with optional filtering while maintaining all permissions and notifications.

Templates to Speed Up Your Work

Document Management FAQs

An accounting document management system is an industry-specific tool that allows accounting professionals to easily manage files and access documents without having to resort to using antiquated management systems or industry-agnostic document management software options that don’t meet their needs.

When you’re looking for the best document management software solution, be sure to choose a solution that’s industry-specific and is able to provide seamless integration with all the tech tools your firm currently relies on.

No! While many document management software solutions only provide bits and pieces of what you need, Mango’s project document management software provides you with access to a wide range of document management programs.

We provide tools that will help you with everything from document sharing and keeping current business documents organized to archiving old documents for easy retrieval, Mango’s document management system has you covered.

Our effective document management solution comes with advanced features that will help you:

  • Edit and correct documents based on previous versions or new information to ensure all your documents are up-to-date instead of dealing with the hassle of paper-based processes
  • Upload files with ease to take the pain out of file management and document storage
  • Access your work from multiple locations with mobile apps or mobile devices with internet access
  • Use version history and other collaboration tools to view document changes and ensure every detail of your document is correct
  • Easily digitize paper documents and free up space with cloud storage
  • Locate important documents in a snap and ensure that everything is up to date
  • Automate routine tasks so you can get back to work on high-value projects
  • Protect sensitive documents to ensure compliance with built-in security features like data encryption
  • Ensure that nothing gets lost during edits with version control and access controls for project managers
  • Streamline your document workflow with collaboration tools and a user-friendly interface

Say goodbye to juggling tools like Microsoft Office and Google Drive to get the job done. Switch to a solution that gives you the power to handle all your processes from one convenient platform.  

For accounting professionals, Mango’s document management systems stand out as the most efficient, reliable, and user-friendly document management program. Our document management solutions were made by accountants for accountants. As a result, our clients benefit from the best document management system that’s tailored to their unique needs whether they’re large firms or small businesses.

Mango’s document management platform offers a myriad of benefits for file management that enhance efficiency and productivity at your firm.

One notable advantage is the ability to manage multiple documents. Our platform provides a centralized hub where you can store, access, and update multiple documents, improving your record management processes.

Mango can also help to streamline the handling of signed documents by creating a secure and accessible central repository for important agreements. By centralizing your signed documents, Mango ensures that documents are easily retrievable whenever you need them.

Managing files on our cloud-based platform goes beyond basic storage—our features help organize documents with version control, the ability to access multiple file types, and other collaborative editing tools. Your team can work on shared documents while maintaining a structured and coherent filing system.

Yes! Mango’s secure client portal provides your firm with secure file-sharing capabilities. Our user-friendly interface allows your clients to quickly locate their files and send documents.

With our eSignature software, your clients can sign and send documents with the click of a button, reducing the time you’d normally spend chasing down signatures.

As opposed to outdated file systems and paper-based processes, our secure client portal provides you and your clients with bank-grade security features and access controls that ensure that nobody without authorization will be accessing files on the platform.

Yes! Mango’s cloud-based accounting practice management software provides a wide range of robust document management tools for accounting and tax professionals aside from DMS software that helps with document management.

While many document management services like Microsoft SharePoint, M-Files, Google Drive, and Dropbox Business only provide document management tools, Mango’s comprehensive practice management solution can help your accounting firm increase efficiency and save time with key features like:

  • Workflow automation
  • Client relationship management software (CRM) for accounting practices
  • eSignature and file-sharing software for accountants and law firms
  • Document archiving software
  • Time and billing software
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Project management software

Whether you’re looking for document control software to easily access your documents and aid with document creation or tools to keep your accounting firm’s business processes moving in the right direction, Mango has the tools you need to succeed.

Yes! While other software platforms have limited features, are only available from one computer, and don’t offer offline access, the best document management software allows you to work from anywhere at any time.

With Mango’s legal document management software you can do all this on the go:

  • Easily access and edit legal documents with our cloud storage solutions
  • Communicate with your team in real-time regarding documentation with easy-to-use collaboration features
  • Manage documents and easily locate particular files with an intuitive user interface
  • Ensure your records management process is secure with bank-grade encryption, access permissions, and access controls
  • Easily convert documents with optical character recognition
  • Protect client and accounting firm data with compliance features that let you restrict access to documents with the click of a button, so your sensitive information is only viewed by authorized users
  • Take advantage of our web app’s ability to provide you with an audit trail to validate the identity of a signer and prevent tampering with legal documents
  • Upload multiple documents, photos, and video files of any file type with our mobile app and unlimited cloud storage
  • Use our web app and collaboration tools to send documents, collect electronic signatures, and take the hassle out of communicating with clients

Nope! While we created Mango with accountants in mind, our legal document management software can be used by legal professionals, law firms, and plenty of other businesses looking to improve their document management processes.

Yes! You can use a cloud version of Mango with mobile access to increase productivity on the go.

We also offer an iOS app and offline functionality. Whether you need to find, sort, or share files, you’ve got the capability at your fingertips.

We know how much of a headache it can be to get new software that doesn’t play well with your existing systems—that’s why we’ve done everything we can to ensure our cloud storage solutions integrate with the tools you use every day.

With third-party integrations from tools like Google Drive and QuickBooks, you can increase productivity and eliminate frustrating extra steps. Other integrations include:

  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Tax Software
  • And more