Client Portal Software for Accounting Professionals

Finally, a Client Portal Your Customers Will Like and Use. Improve Your Client Experience and Make Your Work Easier.


A single, secure place for your clients to upload files and make payments.

Stop sending emails with massive attachments or chasing down clients to get paid. With our convenient portal, you can empower clients to make payments on their own terms (while meeting yours) and upload files without a stressful back-and-forth.


Secure Client Portal Overview

Modernize your firm and stop chasing clients.


Custom Branded Portal

Your clients will see your firm’s name when logging into the client portal. Put your name on it, not ours, turning every portal interaction into a marketing moment.


Simple & Secure

With SSL encryption all credit card transactions are securely processed in accordance with modern standards.  Allow clients to update and change credit card files.  Optionally, you can allow editing of client bio information.

Get Paid Faster

Whether you’re collecting payments via credit card or ACH processing, Mango provides options and flexibility so that you can improve cash flow and reduce your accounts receivable.


Make Projects Paperless

No need to worry about printing invoices or collecting physical signatures to receive payments. Our software can take your entire billing process paperless, saving time and cutting down on paper use.

Secure Place for your clients

Your clients can upload files and make payments.

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    Unlimited storage and file size

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    Self-service, saves accountant time on resending forms from last year

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    Easy and straightforward for even non-technical clients

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    Bank-level security with 256-bit encryption

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    Get notified of any client activity

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    Improve customer satisfaction

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    Custom branding


Easy-to-Use Client Portal Software

A secure client portal is great – if your clients will actually use it.

We see lots of accounting firms invest in fancy new software or other tools with the best of intentions, only to find it completely out of use a few months later simply because their clients didn’t want to start using it.

Not only is Mango’s client portal user-friendly and easy to get started with, it comes with some of the most important features you’d expect from this kind of software:

  • Unlimited storage so that you can keep as much as you need in a client portal. You’ll be able to select your own yearly retention period so that as long as your service is active, you’ll have access to your data.
  • Mobile support so that you and your clients can access the portal anytime from any device. Even if you’re in a location without Wi-fi, you can still pull up your portal to get what you need or add files.
  • Self-service for clients. How many times have you been called or emailed by a client with a simple request that you wish they could have managed on their own? With Mango’s secure digital gateway, the wish can become a reality. Clients can check on invoices, service records, and other important details without getting you involved at all.

Bank-Level Security with Client Portal Software for File Sharing

The best portals will add convenience as well as security.

A client portal is convenient, but it doesn’t matter how easy it is to use if it can’t keep files safe. That’s why Mango’s client portal meets all legal requirements for secure document management – without adding an unnecessary extra hoop for your clients to jump through.

Mango’s client portal protects all of your files with 256-bit, bank-level encryption (the same type used by US security agencies) and our advanced firewalls.

Take the Pain Out of Getting Paid

Give your clients payment flexibility with MangoPayments processing options.

Credit Card Processing

  • Process one-time sales, refunds, credits and voids
  • Enroll inside Mango Billing with quick approval
  • Offer Credit Card Payments in the Client Portal
  • Secure, tokenized, encrypted and full PCI compliant
  • Flat Rate of 2.99%, plus .29 per transaction

ACH Processing

  • Reduce fraud and chargeback risk
  • Lower fees than Credit Card  – 75% less
  • Secure, tokenized, encrypted, and full PCI compliant
  • Convert paper checks to electronic transactions
  • Next day funding
  • 1% per transaction (up to $10 max)
Bill-the-way-you-want (1)

Cash Receipts Processing

  • Multiple Payment Types - Annotate what type of payment was received. Ability to handle Credit Memos and print the Credit Memo.
  • Advance Payments/Retainers - Receive advance payments and apply during Manual Invoicing or in Cash Receipts Entry.

Client Portal Software Can Add Significant Value

  • Quick and Easy to Set Up - It’s easier than you might think to set up a simple yet powerful client portal that streamlines your workflow and gives clients greater access without increasing the hours worked by you and your team.
  • Stop Playing Phone Tag - Instead of playing phone or email tag with clients trying to get them to upload needed documents or pay an overdue invoice, your client portal becomes a helpful collaboration tool. Give the information they’re seeking on their own terms, even if it’s outside of business hours.
  • Instant Alerts - Mango’s real-time notifications not only let you know when clients completed an activity or uploaded a document, but also allow you to send gentle, automated reminders to your clients so you can get what you need sooner.

The Tools Your Clients Will Like and Use Run on Mango

Innovative file sharing and electronic signature tools built for you and your clients