Happy Fourth Anniversary! Celebrating the Release of Mango’s ImagineShare Client Portal & eSignature Module

Tim Sines

At Mango, we enjoy a good celebration—and we can’t think of a better reason to celebrate than the fourth anniversary of our client portal and eSignature module. 

A little bit of history: In 2020, Mango released our ImagineShare Client Portal and eSignature tools. These features are designed to improve client collaboration, allowing clients to more easily engage with accounting professionals… and help accounting professionals find more time in the day.  

But we haven’t stopped there. Our all-in-one accounting practice management system constantly grows and changes to better meet your needs. Over the past four years, we’ve made some big updates to how Mango can support the work of busy accountants. Let’s revisit the impact our client portal and eSignature tools have had and look at a few more of Mango’s innovative features.   

eSignature for accountants 

Mango’s eSignature platform was made exclusively with CPAs in mind. Skip the mind-numbing paperwork and switch to a digital solution. Our software is compliant with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”) and the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (“ESIGN”) to ensure validity. 

Outlook and Google plug-ins 

No need to waste time switching between software programs and racking up non-billable hours.  

With Mango, our helpful features work with the email software you use every day: Outlook and Google. Our eSignature software plug-in connects straight to your email so you can get engagement letters, contracts, taxes, and any other document signed straight away. 

Receive signatures faster 

Speed up your workday with Mango. Our eSignature platform allows clients to sign from their mobile devices. You can receive signatures in seconds, allowing you to move forward with invoicing, documentation, and more.  

Plus, you can request multiple signatures on one document. With Mango’s intuitive software, complete admin tasks faster and level up your to-do list. 

Learn more about Mango’s eSignature 

Mango’s client portal boosts project management for accountants 

Old-school document management is a thing of the past when you use Mango. Our client portal offers easy file-sharing for accountants and streamlines communication with clients. Skip the time-consuming back-and-forth emails and switch to client portals with instant file and payment access. 

Custom branding 

Elevate your company with custom branding in our client portal. Your name is the first thing the client sees, not ours, so your accounting firm is top-of-mind in every interaction. 

Fast, secure transactions 

Make payments simple using Mango’s client portal. Our SSL encryption uses the most recent standards to ensure safe credit card transactions. Clients can update payment information, contact info, and other critical data whenever they log in so that you always have their most recent information on file. And with fast ACH processing, you receive the funds the next day. 

Easy implementation 

There’s no point in having a client portal if your clients can’t figure out how to use it. Mango's user-friendly solution is intuitive, making it easy to get started. With unlimited storage and mobile support, clients will be able to upload and review documents and data on their own time.  

This means you don’t have to waste hours on client requests–they can handle them without you. 

Learn more about Mango’s client portal and other collaboration tools 

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What’s new at Mango Practice Management?  

Growth is always on the horizon for Mango Practice Management, and while we stand by our core features, we’ve been excited to introduce innovative tools for Mango users over the past few years. Here are a few of our favorites.  

Client engagement letters 

An engagement letter kickstarts your working relationship with a client, but it’s not as simple as sending out a “Welcome to the firm” email. An engagement letter should clearly detail the scope of your work, expectations, and payment information.  

What’s more, an engagement letter is a legally-binding document. So you need to get it right. Engagement letters can take less time and have more impact with Mango. Mango’s client engagement letter function allows you to create customizable, reusable templates and manage the review and approval process among relevant parties.  

Learn more about Mango’s client engagement letters 

Mango Payments 

These days, most consumers prefer credit card payments over cash or check, so online payments are non-negotiable. Yet busy accounting practices sometimes struggle with the details of implementing online payments.  

Mango Payments cuts through noise of complicated workflows and unreasonable fees, providing a simple payment processing solution designed for CPA firms.  

Mango Payments offers:  

  • Competitive credit card processing fees  
  • 24-48 hour funding (even for ACH payments)  
  • Automated recurring payments 

Even better, Mango Payments integrates with the entire Mango Practice Management suite. Because it’s part of a fully integrated system, all your data (and your client data) is protected behind Mango’s secure firewalls.  

Learn more about Mango Payments 

Mango Websites  

Just as online payments are essential in today’s marketplace, so is having a strong online presence for your company. Accounting practices looking to scale their business need to be findable online—and that means an intuitive, modern website.  

Yet a custom-built website from web design agencies can be pricy and require long waiting times. And even a new design doesn’t ensure the site is set up with SEO in mind.  

With Mango Websites, accounting firms can get a customized website designed by professionals who understand the unique needs of the accounting industry.  

Our websites deliver:  

  • High-quality, engaging content designed to convert visitors  
  • Client convenience tools, such as contact forms, payment links, and client file-sharing portals 
  • Mobile-friendly and search-engine friendly design across all devices 
  • Bank-grade encryption to ensure security 
  • Quarterly content updates and regular maintenance  

​​The best part is that Mango Websites doesn't lock users into contracts—you can plan your marketing strategy without worrying about costs or cancellation fees.  

Learn more about Mango Websites 

Knowledge-based Authentication 

Accounting firms are chock full of sensitive information, from basic personal details to complex financial data. With data breaches and cybercrimes on the rise, it's never been more vital for accountants to take appropriate precautions to protect the interests of their clients and their firm. 

To provide accounting firms with the highest degree of security, Mango Practice Management is equipped with Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA) to protect users during the eSignature process.  

KBA helps verify user identities through a series of questions that only the user would know the answer to. Alongside other security measures like strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, KBA can prevent bad actors from accessing your accounting firm's data.  

KBA is also an essential feature for accounting software during tax season. Not only does it help accounting firms protect against unauthorized access by ensuring that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information, it also allows accountants to comply with IRS requirements for e-filing forms like 8879s and 8878s.  

Learn more about Knowledge-based Authentication 

Mango Practice Management for CPAs 

We’re proud of the changes we’ve made over the last four years to our accountant practice management software. Don’t take our word for it—see for yourself why our clients have said, “Everything about Mango caters to the needs of accountants” when you schedule a demo today. 

Cheers to your success in 2024,  

The Mango Team 


Unlock your accounting firm’s potential.

Save time, streamline workflows and get paid faster with Mango’s all-in-one Time and Billing Practice Management software.

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