Taxing Times? Unwind with These 7 Fun Summer Ideas

Tim Sines

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As summer hits and tax season fades, it’s time for ledger lovers and bean counters to catch a much-needed and well-deserved break. And why not? After all, even top business moguls like Arianna Huffington and Jeff Bezos swear by downtime for success. With clients on vacation and deadlines easing up, the sunny season is just perfect for preventing accounting burnout and recovering from tax time stress. So, step away from the spreadsheets and dive into these 7 fun summer activities (and a couple of non-activities!) to unwind, refresh, and recharge.

7 Fun Things to Do in the Summer for Overtaxed Accountants

When the ledgers are closed, the calculators powered down, and the last client files are tucked away, savvy accountants know it’s decompressing time. Here are some top fun summer ideas to get you started.

1. Take It Easy in the Office

Summer often brings a lighter workload for accountants, making it the ideal time to chill at work. Use this downtime to plan your vacation and pick out your next dream destination far from balance sheets and ledgers. Bond with colleagues over long casual lunches, where you can debate the merits of pineapple on pizza instead of fiscal policies. Or launch into fun team-building activities to strengthen your work relationships. 

Don’t forget to add a bit of humor to your day—browse some funny accounting memes and share the laughs with your team. Embracing these simple pleasures can recharge your spirits and set the stage for a more productive and enjoyable work environment.

2. Bliss Out on the Beach 

Accountants, you’ve earned some serious beach time. So swap the glare of your monitors for the glow of the sun, pack some sunscreen, and let the waves wash away the memory of tax season. Why not build a sandcastle empire or plunge deep into that novel you’ve been too busy to start? Or, if you must, gently transition from strenuous number-crunching by mimicking a starfish―spread out on the beach and soak up some much-needed vitamin D. 

Whichever activity (or inactivity!) you choose, it’s bound to be a far cry from the daily grind of balancing the books. And hey, if anyone dares to question your piña colada at noon, just say you’re conducting an “on-site liquidity assessment.”

3. Explore Automation and Technology

For those who can’t leave well enough alone—which includes most of us—it can be difficult to switch off, even when the sun’s shining. Why not find ways to streamline your accounting processes beyond generic technology? And no, we’re not talking about Excel and sticky notes. Rather, think about integrating tech trends like AI into accounting processes to make the next tax season a breeze. 

Tools like Mango Practice Management’s Workflow Management Software can transform how you tackle tasks, making your job easier and more efficient. Spend some time checking out these innovations now, and you’ll be the office hero come fall. 

4. Do Absolutely Nothing

Sometimes, the best way to recharge is to channel your inner sloth—engage in a zero-muscle-movement audit. Yes, you heard right—ditch the spreadsheets, ignore the emails, and bask in the glory of inactivity. Spend a day binge-watching the worst reality TV, taking cat naps, or staring at the ceiling contemplating life’s mysteries (like why people voluntarily do hot yoga). 

Thanks to automation tools, your accounting tasks can run on autopilot, giving you the luxury to completely unplug and detox from work. Even high achievers take a break, so let the machines handle the mundane while you nail the art of doing zilch.

5. Indulge in Wellness Activities

Self-care isn’t just for Instagram influencers; it’s essential for anyone who spends their days swimming in accounting stress. Yup, self-care for accountants can also be a “thing.” Treat yourself to a spa day where the only numbers that matter are the minutes of your deep tissue massage. Or, if you’re feeling zen, unroll a yoga mat and stretch out those tax-season kinks. 

Rejuvenation rituals like these aren’t just about pampering. More importantly, they’re indispensable in keeping you mentally and physically healthy. A relaxed accountant is a happier, more productive one. So go ahead, soak in that bubble bath, light some lavender candles, and let your worries drift away like last year’s tax receipts.

6. Engage in Brainpower Games and Challenges

Being on break doesn’t always have to mean putting the brakes on your brain. Keep those mental gears turning with some neural Olympics. Strategy board games are excellent for giving your mind a workout while kicking back. Gather your colleagues for a friendly game night, where you can outwit each other in epic battles of Catan or Risk. 

These fun summer activities sharpen your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills and provide a great opportunity to bond with your colleagues. It’s like team-building, but with more laughs and fewer trust falls.

7. Finally Make Time for Hobbies

With the bookkeeping burden lifted, it’s prime time to dust off those “accountant hobbies” you’ve neglected. Remember the guitar you impulsively bought during a mid-tax season crisis? Or the half-finished model train set you swore would be a relaxing weekend project? Now’s your chance. Bake those Pinterest recipes that looked way too ambitious in April, or get your hands messy with some painting. Knit something other than your brows, or go wild with extreme couponing—whatever floats your balance sheet.

So the sun’s out and fun is calling, but your to-do list is never-ending. How do you squeeze in some summer joy with client management, practice operations, and constant regulation updates on your plate? Make it happen with Mango Practice Management. 

Effortless “De-Taxing” with Mango Practice Management

You don’t have to wait for slow summers to relax—reclaim your time year-round with Mango Practice Management. Our all-in-one solution has been crafted for accountants by accountants to remove complexities and streamline your workload so you can chill whenever you want to. 

Mango Practice Management’s cloud-based practice management is your gateway to freedom. It eliminates unnecessary tech stacks and tedious switching between solutions. Our innovative add-on modules empower you to match your package with your exact needs.

Kick-off to an automated and optimized workflow with time and billing tools. As your business grows, pile on more add-ons, such as project management, file sharing and eSignature capabilities, powerful integrations with QuickBooks and tax software, and much more. With Mango Practice Management, break free from the shackles of inefficiency to focus on what truly matters—like enjoying fun things to do in the summer.

Ready to transform your practice and snag some downtime while simultaneously building a profitable, modern accounting firm? Check out Mango Practice Management’s software and sign up for a free trial today.

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