Holiday Wish List for Accountants (What you need on your desk and computer in 2023)

Tim Sines

A lot of us are back together in the office after working remotely because of the pandemic. With holiday office parties, festive potlucks to share your favorite seasonal dishes, and of course, secret Santa or white elephant gift exchanges, this holiday season promises to be one to remember.  No matter if youre buying a gift for your cubicle mate, your friend who works as an accountant, or someone in another department that you dont know as well, Mango Practice Management has you covered. For some inspiration to get into the spirit of the season, check out our 2023 holiday wish list for accountants. 

Gifts for your desk 

When thinking about a holiday wish list for accountants or assembling a good wish list for yourself, you want to focus on things that can actually be used, and that add value. So much gift-giving ends up going into a landfill, so you want an item that can be put to use in the new year. 

A fun desk calendar 

We all know that during tax season, the workday can be stressful and trying. Anything to lighten the mood when you start your day is a good thing! Something useful is an accounting desk calendar that has all the critical tax filing dates. Or, if you want something non-accounting related, ask for a desk calendar that gives you a different fact every day.  

A small desktop whiteboard with storage 

While we always want to keep our desks organized, after a long work day you may find yourself scrambling to find a pen somewhere beneath your sea of papers. The perfect gift solution is a small desktop whiteboard with storage. Instead of using a pen cup on your desk (which inevitably be knocked over at some point), this storage solution contains different-sized compartments for all the office supplies you need: pens, pencils, dry-erase markers, paper clips, white-out, etc. The whiteboard flips down over the compartments so they won’t spill. 

If you find yourself getting distracted by random thoughts during your work day, this little whiteboard can help solve the problem. Quickly jot down what you’re thinking of on the whiteboard while working on tax documents, then you can work with peace of mind that you won’t forget to handle it later. Simply look at the whiteboard before you leave for the day as a reminder of anything you needed to do before you go home. Wipe it clean when you’re done, and it’s ready for tomorrow. 

Gifts for your computer 

Every accountant spends at least six hours a day (or more!) sitting at their computer using their cloud-based software. Check out these gift ideas to improve the experience. 

Ergonomic wrist rests 

Many professionals who spend a lot of time working at a computer eventually experience aches and pains in their wrists from typing all day. The perfect gift for any accountant is an ergonomic wrist rest for both the keyboard and the mouse. This comfortable gel memory foam has a rubber sticky bottom so it won’t move around underneath you and provides support for long days during tax season. It’s the kind of thing you didn’t even know you needed until you try it. 

A personalized docking station 

Accountants at large firms may have two phones at their desks, as well as a smartwatch, air pods, and other devices. To keep them organized, get them a personalized docking station. This sleek, wooden design can be personalized with their name and initials. It comes in three muted colors, so it looks professional for the workplace but can be just as useful and stylish in a home office. 

Gifts for your break room 

Provide your team with fun items to use to re-energize themselves for the rest of their work day. Check out our suggestions. 

An exercise ball 

Sometimes, even sitting in an ergonomic desk chair all day can cause someone to be stiff. Give them the chance to lightly move around and exercise in their spare moments by buying an exercise ball for the break room. A fun addition to this gift is to print out some simple exercises for them to do on their lunch break. Even sitting and lightly bouncing on the ball for five minutes can be a great stress reliever and help folks get moving throughout the day. Happier, healthier employees mean better productivity, so get them going in the right direction with an exercise ball. 

Board games 

Lunch break doesn’t have to be just sitting and eating in silence. It’s nice to have a laugh or think about something completely unrelated to work. To get things going, try buying a few board games for the break room. Encourage people to take a full hour for lunch with some strategy games like Settlers of Katan or Clue. Allow people to stay after hours if they’d like to play some games together over a drink, or even better, plan a time once a month for team-building by playing the games together during work hours. 

Gifts for your colleagues 

It can be intimidating to try to find something for the person you share an office or cubicle with, but whats most important is the gesture itself. It will let you know that you were thinking of them, no matter what they think of the gift. 

Accountant pencil set 

If your co-worker loves to write by hand, then gift them this fun accounting pencil set. Each one has a different pun related to accounting. When the hours are long during tax season, these fun pencils can keep things light, even late at night or on the weekend. 

Space heater 

A major contention among co-workers is what to set the temps at. If your co-worker always has to wear a coat inside because theyre so cold, the perfect gift to give them is a space heater. With the adjustable thermostat and fan option, they can make their office space or desk the perfect temperature. 

Gifts for your clients 

Clients can be difficult to shop for because you only know them on a professional level. So it makes sense to buy them a gift that anyone could enjoy, like these two options below. 

A high-quality branded water bottle 

The worst thing about plastic water bottles is that when you leave them in the car, they get hot quickly in the summer. Give your clients a gift that everyone wants but no one wants to pay for: a Yeti water bottle. These top-of-the-line water bottles can hold ice for 24 hours so drinks stay cold all day long. 

A gift box with succulents  

While not everyone has a green thumb, most people can keep a succulent alive. Spruce up a client’s living room or office with a beautiful succulent gift box. It includes three small seasonal succulents and a water dropper. Your clients will love this little garden addition to their living space. 

Give your team the best gift of all: a subscription to Mango Practice Management 

If your accounting team has too many non-billable hours, make sure a a subscription to Mango Practice Management is on your holiday wish list for accountants to speed up their workday in 2023. Our all-in-one accounting practice management software was made by accountants, for accountants, so we know exactly what you need to get the job done quickly and correctly, the first time around. 

Our software comes with time-saving tools, including: 

Make your employees merry this year with the best gift of all, more time, and schedule a demo with Mango today. 

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