Customer Story: Enhanced Client Experience and Increased Efficiency

Tim Sines

Based in Kendallville, Indiana, Scott Frick, CPA, has been in practice since 1993. His accounting firm offers a range of services, with an emphasis on the local business community and high-income, high-net-worth individuals.

One of the many challenges of running a firm is managing the necessary technology. We recently spoke with Scott Frick, a successful CPA who uses Mango Practice Management. “I like tech, not afraid of it, but I have other focuses. But as you grow, you must adapt,” Scott explained. He soon realized that “To become more efficient, technology’s going to have to be part of that process.” When first starting out, Scott used traditional solutions like Excel spreadsheets to keep track of client data and deadlines while processing the firm’s time and billing through QuickBooks. He shared that these practices seemed to consistently come up short, especially as the company grew.

“When you start out as a two-person firm, you just do what you do, but then,all of a sudden, there’s eight of us. We needed procedures, we needed onboarding, we needed a process."                                                                                                                                             Scott Frick, CPA

Since implementing Mango Practice Management at his firm in 2021, he’s experienced tremendous improvements in everything from time and billing to accounts receivable and project management. Mango’s robust accounting tools have provided Scott with the ability to stop relying on limited Excel spreadsheets for organization and freed his firm from the cumbersome software tools they used to rely on to process client billing and payments.

You can read Scott’s full experience with Mango here.

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