2020 Is Here, and We Have Formally Released Our ImagineShare Client Portal & eSignature Module

Carl Coe

2020 is here, and tax season is right around the corner.

To help you make this your best year yet, Mango is excited to formally release the Mango’s Client Portal and our Electronic Signature module!

With Mango, accountants can securely share, request, and organize files in the cloud, without requiring your clients to remember a username and password. Our secure “password-less” login allows your clients to gain entry by simply answering a secret question, rather than using traditional credentials. All clients have to do is click the link and answer the question, and they will be able to immediately and securely access their files.

Did we mention you can electronically sign those documents, too? Forget the old-school way of requesting documents; the Print, Sign, Scan cycle is no more! You’ve done all the hard work – getting a signature should be the easy part. With our Electronic Signature module, you can get your documents signed any time, from anywhere.

To learn how Mango makes the secure exchange of data between you and your clients easier than ever, watch our overview video below.

We have received incredibly positive feedback from customers who participated in Mango’s early release. On top of that, CPA Practice Advisor gave Mango a five-star review (that’s higher than industry leader ShareFile®!) We’re incredibly happy with our accounting client portal software, and are confident that it will be a great asset to our clients and their clients.

If you would like to view Mango in action, please call us at 877.520.1525 or click here to schedule a demo.

We would love to hear from you!

Cheers to your success in 2020,

The Mango Team

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