Let’s be honest—tax season is exhausting for accountants. Navigating overlapping deadlines, mountains of paperwork, and last-minute client requests can take a toll on even the most seasoned accountants, and with accounting firms experiencing an unprecedented staffing shortage, firms may be busier this tax season than ever before. So let’s be honest about something else: by this time of year, accountants deserve to have one less drain on their energy. And one thing that eats up a lot of mental bandwidth? A disjointed, disorganized tech stack that creates more problems than it solves for accountants.  We explore why your accounting firm should avoid using too many accounting tech tools.

What to Know About Switching to the Cloud

Learn the key benefits of cloud-based software, what daily tasks can be taken off your plate, and what factors to look for when considering making a switch to the cloud.

Problem #1: You waste time on data entry 

The more accounting tech tools you use on a daily basis, the more time you spend inputting data like client information into multiple programs. Not only does this mind-numbing task take up valuable time you could be spending on higher-level tasks, but it increases the chance that numbers or financial data will be transposed incorrectly, causing costly errors

Reason to move to all-in-one software  

Instead of wasting time entering data into multiple platforms, an all-in-one software lets you enter information in one spot and have it automatically populate throughout your system.  

Problem #2: You’re needlessly bouncing between tools 

You’re handling a complex client with a major deadline approaching, and all of a sudden you can’t locate the document you were just working on. Sound familiar? The more programs you use on a daily basis, the easier it is to misplace important figures, documents, and other client information.  

Reason to move to all-in-one software  

Streamline your document management process with a comprehensive system. An all-in-one platform brings all client documents and information together in a centralized hub for easy access. 

Problem #3: You may struggle to scale your accounting practice 

If you’re like most accounting firms, you’re hoping to grow over time. Whether you’ve got your sights set on managing bigger clients, a larger employee workforce, or more revenue, you need software that’s flexible enough to grow alongside your firm. Unfortunately, many project management software solutions are built for either large or small teams, not both.  

Reason to move to all-in-one software  

Training your team on how to use your new accounting software solutions is time-consuming. So is keeping everyone up to speed on new processes within different tools. On the other hand, an all-in-one tool means your team has fewer software programs to wrap their heads around—especially when you work with a tool with robust training options 

Problem #4: Automating low-level tasks is harder 

Administrative tasks like billing, client onboarding, and sending emails are an inevitable aspect of any business, but wasting valuable billing hours completing them doesn’t have to be.  

Unfortunately, accounting firms using different accounting tech tools for email, invoicing, client communication, and project management are often unable to get these tasks off their desk using automation tools because different data sets are housed in each program. 

Reason to move to all-in-one software 

When you have a single software program to manage routine administrative tasks, the data is all in one place, and the many low-level tasks can be completed from one platform with a lot less effort. 

Problem #5: Your client and firm data is less secure 

How secure is your client data? While some software tools may use enhanced security measures, not all are required to—and the more tools you input sensitive client data into, the higher the likelihood that client data could be accessed by a hack or other data breach. 

Reason to move to all-in-one software  

Don’t settle for less than the highest security standards in the business. For example, Mango deploys military-grade, 256-bit encryption on each piece of data entered into our system, ensuring that you minimize your firm’s exposure and protect your clients. 


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Problem #6: Client communication is less efficient 

When it comes to accounting tech tools, these tools can either improve client collaboration or leave clients confused and frustrated. You can tell which way your current software trends by paying attention to a typical client’s voicemails and emails—are you constantly being asked questions about invoices, documents, and status updates, or do your clients manage to stay on top of your work together? 

Reason to move to all-in-one software  

Using software packed with client communication tools like eSignature, secure file-sharing, an easy-to-use client portal, and detailed invoices empowers clients to stay up-to-date on their accounts, saving you time and boosting client satisfaction. 

Problem #7: Unnecessary subscription costs cut into firm profits 

Software isn’t free, and subscription costs add up. Even worse, they add up without delivering the desired return on investment. According to Flexera’s State of ITAM 2022 report, 29% of SaaS software spend is underutilized or wasted. 

Reason to move to all-in-one software  

To keep things simple and cost-effective, use a comprehensive software solution—you’ll lower your monthly software fees while improving your firm’s efficiency, yielding further savings by reducing administrative hours. 

Problem #8: Your reporting and analytics is siloed 

Chances are, your firm is sitting on a wealth of valuable data that could be used to improve business practices, target profitable clients or lines of business, or identify underperforming associates. But when accounting data is split across multiple programs, it’s difficult—if not impossible—to gain any actionable insights from the data you collect. 

Reason to move to all-in-one software  

With a comprehensive practice management software, you get 30,000-ft view of critical operational and financial data. This leads to more efficient decision-making and easier scaling as firms can better identify their most profitable associates, services, and clients. 

Problem #9: Tracking client payments is cumbersome 

Getting paid is an essential aspect of keeping any accounting firm afloat, but busy accountants rarely have the time or the bandwidth to follow up with clients on overdue payments or underpayments. Although all accountants need to make sure they are getting paid, identifying delinquent accounts becomes difficult when different software programs are used to track time, send bills, and receive payments. 

Reason to move to all-in-one software  

Using a fully integrated system to track time and send and receive payments is the simplest way to keep your firm in the green year after year with tools like automated time tracking, recurring invoicing, detailed invoice templates, and online payments. 

Mango practice management software is the simple solution to your accounting woes 

Instead of patching together piecemeal software solutions to complete your daily tasks, spend less time and money by switching to Mango’s comprehensive software solution. Mango was created by practicing CPAs, and it was designed with the unique needs of accounting firms in mind. With a suite of useful features and tools, Mango helps firms improve their efficiency, profitability, and reputation. 

While a hectic tax season may be inevitable, drowning in busywork all year long doesn’t have to be. Stop wasting time looking for documents, chasing clients to get paid, and performing manual tasks that keep you from running a profitable business. Schedule a free demo to streamline and scale your accounting firm with Mango. 

Unlock your accounting firm’s potential.

Save time, streamline workflows and get paid faster with Mango’s all-in-one Time and Billing Practice Management software.

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