Press Release: New Faces on Board at Imagine Time Time & Billing Software for Accountants

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New Faces on Board at Mango

The practice management software company for accountants, law firms, and professional service firms welcomes two new business development and product management professionals.

Jason Goldfinger, Vice President of Sales

Mango’s team is excited to welcome Jason Goldfinger in the newly-created position of Vice President of Sales. He is responsible for optimizing Mango’s leads into new customers and nurturing relationships with his sales team to enhance end users’ overall product experience.

Jason has spent his entire career advising and selling in the accounting industry. He has led large sales teams, performed hundreds of webinars, and attended innumerable accounting conferences. Jason and his wife, Caroline, live in Raleigh.  Jason’s main interests are golf, exercise, poker, and smart home automation.

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Chad Thomas, Vice President of Product Management

As a new specialist in Mango’s product development and management team, Chad is a future-focused professional with an interdisciplinary background in chemical, mechanical, and civil engineering. He embraces transformative technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and distributed ledgers, which promise across-the-board disruption for all industries.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced data analytics, integrating specialized applications and legacy software into a cloud-based ecosystem is a must for corporate success in a highly competitive market. Chad’s core responsibilities within Mango will be documenting, designing, and implementing creative digital solutions for the company’s core practice management software product, as well as its new Client Portal product. He will ensure that these products remain relevant; keep pace with emerging technologies; and utilize a modern, functional platform to help end users run their practices more effectively and profitably.

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“We are incredibly fortunate that Chad and Jason have chosen to join our growing team. Chad has deep accounting technology and engineering expertise that will help drive Mango’s product development decisions. Jason spent five successful years with Citrix ShareFile, which is exclusively focused on the accounting space, and has worked with thousands of firms. His experience fits us perfectly as we expand our Go to Market efforts,” stated Mango CEO, Carl Coe. “Talent is the single most important factor in the success of any organization. Chad and Jason will have a tremendous impact for the Mango team and our customers.”

About Mango

Mango is a practice management software company built specifically for accounting firms, law firms, and other professional service firms. Today, the company provides services to over 1,500 firms and 10,000 users throughout the United States, with over $500 million invoiced annually through the system.


Carl Coe

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