The Importance of Mobile Timekeeping for Accounting Firms

Mobile timekeeping and expense entry are extremely useful for staff that perform most of their duties at client locations. In addition, the ability to view key client information and access phone, email and address data can also prove very helpful when out of the office. A screenshot of the time entry display follows:

iPhone Time Entry Screen

iPhone time entry screen

The Mango Anywhere mobile application allows anyone using Mango’s time and billing software to record time and expenses as well as have access to client contact information while out of the office. Upload clients, staff, and billing rates from Mango directly to Mango Anywhere with the push of a button. As a result, you can easily view client information and make a telephone call just by tapping the client’s number on the screen or send an email by selecting the email address. Invoicing features are included in Version 2.0.

You can record time slips for chargeable and non-chargeable time as well as record expenses. The time slips include client name, work code, staff rate and notes. Approved slips and expenses can download into the Mango desktop application by clicking the ‘Sync’ button.

A recently released feature allows mobile devices using the iOS operating system (including the iPhone and iPad) to email invoices directly to clients in PDF format from the mobile device. Time based detail or narrative invoices as well as progress bills can be emailed and later synchronized to the main office database. Maximize your fees by billing when the service is provided!

The Mango Anywhere mobile application is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Downloaded it from Google Play or iPhone Stores. Subscription cost is $75.00 per user per year.

Author: Carl Coe, CEO


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