The Ultimate Accounting Tech Stack Every Remote Team Should Have

Tim Sines

With remote work and hybrid work roles becoming increasingly common, it’s highly possible that at least some of your accounting firm team members sometimes work from home or another location. While having a remote team can come with advantages, like flexibility and cost savings on office space and equipment, the remote setup also comes with its unique challenges. To meet those challenges head-on, you need the proper accounting tech stack that will make it easy for them to work from anywhere, stay in contact with the rest of the team, and keep things efficient. Here are the must-have features for any remote accounting solution

Why your accounting firm tech stack matters 

Accountants don't choose the accounting profession just to get bogged down with questions about what software to use to run a practice. But the impacts of the right tech stack can be felt across all aspects of accounting firm operations. 

Your tech stack can help you: 

  • Run a more efficient practice through automation 
  • Reduce costly errors and bottlenecks 
  • Improve client service and enhance client loyalty 
  • Differentiate your firm from competitors 
  • Gain insights with easier access to accounting firm data 

With all of the benefits that a good tech stack provides accounting firms, investing in the right tools isn't optional anymore—it's essential to thrive in today's marketplace. 

Tech stack essentials for accounting firms 

What makes up an effective accounting firm tech stack today? Look for tools that offer the following features and capabilities.  

Project management 

Effectively managing projects with remote teams can be tricky—back-and-forth emails, requests for status updates, and confusion about who needs to complete a task and when are just some of the issues that can slow down your workflows and eat into your billable time. 

By leveraging a cloud-based project management solution, you’ll never have to worry about missing deadlines or confusion with the workflow because you’ll have all the tools you need to keep your team on track.  

Look for these features in project management software: 

  • A comprehensive project dashboard that shows you how projects are progressing with the click of a button 
  • Project templates that make it easy to set up new projects in moments, getting your team to work and saving you valuable time in the process 
  • Custom workflows that allow you to assign tasks to team members and track project progress in real-time 
  • Email notifications that let your team know when projects and tasks are assigned and keep you informed of when a specific part of a project is ready to review 

Document management 

If your team is working remotely, you don’t have time to waste sending essential documents back and forth through the mail or by courier, and you also don’t want to risk sending confidential client information through emails that aren’t secure. 

To avoid document management issues like these, your firm needs a quality document management solution.  

Accounting software will ideally provide you with cloud-based access to your documents so you don’t waste time sending them back and forth and security options that allow you to control who can access specific files.  

Time tracking 

Accurately logging billable and nonbillable hours is already critical when your team works in-house. When team members are working offsite, though, effective time management becomes a bigger challenge. 

To keep your team on track and ensure you’re billing clients correctly for every hour spent on their accounts, you need a time-tracking solution that’s accurate, easy to use, and convenient. 

With the right time-tracking software, your team can: 

  • Capture time quickly and accurately by using as many timers as needed for all their tasks 
  • Access their timers from anywhere with cloud-based functionality 
  • Avoid input errors that usually occur when time isn’t tracked automatically 
  • Create batch time entries that save time and money by allowing you to generate multiple time records from one place 

Essential Time Management Tips for Busy Accountants

Discover time management tips that will help you stay organized, prioritize tasks, and maximize productivity to avoid burnout!

File sharing and eSignatures 

Effective client communication is vital to the health of your accounting firm. When your team works remotely, it can be even more challenging than usual to wrangle signatures from clients to get important documents where they need to go.  

When you use software that provides secure file-sharing and eSignatures, you won’t have to worry about wasting time chasing clients, losing documents in the shuffle, or sacrificing security for convenience. 

Look for file-sharing software that includes: 

  • Secure file-sharing solutions so that you can send eSignatures and documents securely without the need for password-protected PDFs 
  • Electronic signatures with Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) that capture legally binding signatures with the click of a button 
  • A secure client portal that allows your clients to pay for services online, send and receive documents, and communicate with your team when needed  


Whether your team is remote or working from the office, one thing that doesn’t change is your need for actionable data that will give you valuable insights into your firm’s performance and help you optimize your processes to maximize growth. 

By using accounting-specific analytics dashboards, you can get a big-picture view of the progress your firm is making and where it needs to improve. You’ll benefit from: 

  • Real-time tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor performance 
  • Analysis of hourly utilization to determine where workloads need to be increased or scaled back for productivity 
  • Client insights based on demographics, billing history, and service utilization 
  • Identification of operational processes to streamline for improved efficiency 


Using accounting practice management software is vital to your team’s success with remote work. Still, even a great solution can cause problems with time and efficiency if you have to jump back and forth between different platforms to get the job done. 

A quality practice management solution will integrate with tools you use daily to avoid wasting valuable time dealing with double entries or toggling back and forth between multiple windows.  

Choose a solution that integrates with tools like: 

  • QuickBooks 
  • Outlook 
  • Google 
  • A variety of tax software solutions 

Ready to give your remote team the right tools for the job? 

Remote work can be a great way to provide flexibility for your firm and your team, but your team is only as effective as the tools you provide.  

From project and document management that keeps your team organized and informed to secure file sharing and eSignatures that make client communication a breeze, Mango’s industry-specific accounting software has all the tools you need to make remote work successful.  

Ready to set your remote team up for success? Schedule a personal demo to see how Mango Practice Management can help you increase productivity, enhance client relationships, and grow your firm. 

Unlock your accounting firm’s potential.

Save time, streamline workflows and get paid faster with Mango’s all-in-one Time and Billing Practice Management software.

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