Why Mobile Time Tracking is a Must for Today’s Accounting Firms

Tim Sines

Person Scrolling on their iPhoneDo you use spreadsheets to keep track of your employees’ time and attendance?  Is your only phone a landline phone? Do you send letters instead of emails?  If you answered yes to the above questions, you probably see the point to which we are arriving. If you don’t use mobile time and billing software to track time on-the-go, you’re not taking advantage of all the modern tools that are available to you.  Below are some of the biggest benefits of remote time tracking software. 

You’ll Never Leave Something at the Office 

Mobile timekeeping software essentially puts your entire office in your pocket. With mobile time and billing software, you’ll always have everything you need, right where you need it. (Unless you forgot your jacket. We haven’t figured out how to store these in the cloud yet.) 

Freedom and Flexibility  

Secure mobile access to your company’s data means that you and your employees have the freedom to move around the office or the world.  Your employees can meet clients where they are or at a popular coffee shop downtown. Employees who are traveling can still have the benefit of accessing their data and parents can crunch numbers while keeping an eye on a sick child. Mobile time entry software makes it easy to accommodate your employees when “life” happens—something that can ultimately increase company loyalty and reduce your turnover expenses. 

Be as Responsive as Possible 

Is there a comet streaking towards your city? A flash flood, zombie uprising, or other unforeseen disaster? No problem—with mobile timekeeping software, you can make sure your employees can still do their work! While we truly hope the above examples stay in science fiction, there are times when your firm will have to react to unforeseen circumstances and mobile timekeeping can help you do so. For example, as the world reacts to rising concerns about the Corona virus, those with mobile time and billing software are able to work remotely, secure in the knowledge that they are viewing the most recent updates, uploads and changes to your firm’s database.

It Helps Boost Your Firm’s Brand Image

Let’s face it: accounting is not considered the sexiest profession in the world. In fact, well–known stereotypes of accountants are rather unflattering—that of an individual who is dowdy, out-of-touch, and set in their ways.  This look won’t work for modern accounting professionals. Clients who are trusting our firms with their money want to feel that we are are flexible, adaptable, and “with the times”.  When you tell a client that there is no way for them to submit their documents online or that all forms must be signed and submitted through “snail mail”, it does not paint a good picture of your firm as a strategic business partner.  Mobile practice management doesn’t just help you be more on-top of things; it projects that brand image, as well.  

Go Mobile with Mango Time & Billing Software for Accountants

Mango is a time and billing software developed specifically for accountants, by accountants. And, as you might expect, we do have a mobile application, as well as a host of other highly-useful features. Free yourself from spreadsheets and discover the freedom and flexibility of mobile timekeeping with Mango. To schedule your free demo, click here.

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