ImagineShare Receives 5 Star Rating From CPA Practice Advisor

Carl Coe

Blue StarMango is pleased to announce that our client portal software for accountants, Mango, has received a five-star rating from CPA Practice Advisor, a leading resource for tax and accounting professionals.

For its 2019 Review of Client Portal Systems for Accounting Firms, the magazine reviewed six popular time and billing software products and rated them on ease of use, capabilities, level of security, and cost-effectiveness. We are overjoyed to share that when stacked up against leading industry names like Citrix Share File (4.75 stars), Thomson Reuters’ NetClient CS Portal (4.75 stars), and AccountantsWorld Cloud Cabinet (4.75 stars), Mango outranks them all.

“Mango…is an excellent addition to a very strong application, and will drastically reduce the amount of paperwork that needs to exchange hands,” Practice Advisor contributor Mary Girsch-Brock wrote in her review of Mango. “One of the nice features in Mango is the ability to view the file within the portal without downloading it…Another nice feature is Taskflows, which allows users to connect a task to a particular document stored in the portal.”

The verdict is in—not only does Mango excel as a full suite practice management software, but our new client portal is just as powerful, reliable, and secure as those offered by industry giants!

Mango is a Client Portal That Clients Love to Use

Accountants frequently tell us that the number one problem they face with client portal software is encouraging clients to use it. Some client portals can be unpopular with clients, either because the software is too complex for them to master, or because they have difficulty recalling additional login information. Mango does not have either of these issues. Our simplified workflow and password integration make it easy for clients to start using the software in a matter of minutes.

One of Mango’s most convenient features is the “Secure Send” email plugin, which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. Once the plugin is installed, all messages and any attachments are saved to our secure servers and stored in 256-bit AES. In an age where data security (and liability) are an increasing issue for accounting firms, this is a huge benefit.

To learn more about Mango, feel free to check out our website. Want to see our CPA client portal in action? Click here to request a free demo. We look forward to serving you soon!Mango Logo

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