Top Ways CPA File Sharing Software Improves Your Firm’s Communication

Carl Coe

In days of yore, “collaboration” meant gathering the staff and/or clients into a conference room. But today’s document sharing software means that business can take place anytime, anywhere, with anyone who has a secure wifi connection. If you haven’t already switched to secure document sharing software for accountants, here are some more ways it can improve the way your firm does business in the 2020’s.

Accommodate Your Clients’ Schedules

One of the biggest benefits of secure document sharing software is that it enables clients to access every piece of data relevant to their account or project at any time, from any location. If a client wants to know a project’s status, they can simply log in whenever they have a spare moment—there is no need to call between the hours of 9-5, when most professionals are working. Making life easier for clients makes them happier with your services, improving your client relationships and increasing your rate of customer retention!

Free Up Your Communication Lines

Most accounting firms are continuously overwhelmed with calls, emails, and messages about questions pertaining to their contracts and projects. It is also unfortunately common for clients to repeatedly ask for information which they have already been given, and have lost or misplaced. A secure client portal for CPAs eliminates this problem by allowing the client to access the data themselves. Furthermore, the data can’t be lost, because it’s not lingering on the client’s email server, but stored on an encrypted third-party server (i.e. ours). Investing in client portal software streamlines your day-to-day operations and frees up your staff members for other, more challenging work.

Document all Communication

One of the biggest dangers of communicating with a client through an unsecured email server, aside from the security risk, is the lack of documentation. What was said, who said it, and when is stored on an email server which could be lost at any time. Furthermore, email communication can slow down productivity, as email threads become drawn out, and employee inboxes are clogged with irrelevant responses from mass emails. Communicating through document storage not only makes conversations more efficient, it also ensures that a record of every client interaction is recorded in real time. If there is ever a need to access a message months or years from now, you and your firm will be able to do so.

Break Free from Physical Limitations

When your firm only communicates via email and in-person meetings, conversations tend to be scattered and fractured. Hallway conversations result in decisions which are not communicated to the rest of the team, causing confusion. Conference rooms are taken by other meetings, or prior meetings which run late, affecting the communication agenda for everyone. By using an encrypted file sharing service for CPAs, however, you don’t have to limit meetings to a certain physical place or time. You also don’t have to worry about updating staff members who are out sick, contract workers out of the country, or clients unable to attend. All information is preserved in real-time on the Cloud for anyone who needs it.

Improve Your Client Relationship Management with Mango!

If your firm is still communicating with clients via text or email, you are at risk for a cybersecurity breach that could cost you tens of thousands in legal fines. Instead, consider investing in an encrypted client portal that will protect your client data and keep it all in one convenient place. Mango makes it easy to communicate with your clients, and automatically records all communication for future reference.

Mango has provided practice management software solutions for accountants, CPAs, and attorneys for over 20 years. To learn more about who we are and what we do, please click here.

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