3 Tips to Remember When Your Firm is Switching to a Secure Client Portal for CPAs

Tim Sines

White Painted Arrow on a Blue Brick wallThe ability to conduct business from any corner of the planet makes secure file sharing not just a great option for CPA firms; at this point, it’s an essential requirement of running a successful business. When your team can access and share secure files on one shared digital space, it’s much easier to collaborate on projects and beat important deadlines. If your accountant firm has decided to switch to document sharing software to improve its business communication, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Prepare for a Brief Adjustment Period 

Most project management and file sharing softwares are extremely intuitive and easy to pick up, especially if you and your employees are already accustomed to similar cloud-based storage tools, like Google Drive. However, bear in mind that some, especially those of an older generation, may struggle to adjust to the new way of doing things, or not understand the new array of options that they now have. Therefore, be patient with both clients and employees in the first week of adopting the new secure file sharing software. You might want to compile some informational resources and tutorials to which employees can refer if they have questions.

Stay Aware of Digital Security Trends

Sharing documents through a cloud-based software is much safer and more secure than using a public email server, such as Outlook or Gmail. In fact, if the software uses 256-bit encryption to protect its data, it truly is virtually “hack proof”, as even the world’s fastest supercomputers cannot break that level of encryption. However, even though you are now much safer from cybercrime than you were previously, it’s important to not let your guard down. Even though your client’s data is secure, other digital access points, like your website, might not be. Make sure to keep abreast of digital security terms, trends, and threats, and help your team stay aware of them, too.

Don’t Lose Your Human Touch 

Last year, the Sitel Group, one of the largest customer experience management companies in the world, shared its 2018 Index Report, which measures which forms of engagement are most meaningful to consumers. It found that out of 1,200 surveyed consumers, about 70% would rather speak to a human customer service representative than engage with a digital customer service rep or chatbot. Sixty-one percent of consumers also said that receiving personalized communication via email, chat and social media from companies they have a business relationship with was important. The takeaway is clear: clients want more personal communication, not less. Even though a file sharing tool or client portal software has a host of benefits, like making communication faster, more efficient, and more secure, it should be seen as a tool to assist you in client relationship management, not replace it entirely.

Secure Your Client Data with the Mango Client Portal for Accountants

If your accounting firm is still communicating with clients via text or email, you are at risk for a cybersecurity breach that could cost you tens of thousands in legal fines. Public email servers such as Gmail and Outlook are not secure, and can easily be hacked by cybercriminals. Instead of running such a high risk, invest in a secure, encrypted client portal for accountants which can protect your client data and store it all in one convenient place. Mango also automatically records all communication in real time, so it can be accessed months or years from now. To learn more about Mango’s client portal software, click here!

Mango has provided practice management software solutions for accountants, CPAs, and attorneys for over 20 years. To learn more about our company, our products, and our mission, please click here

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