Why Mango is the Perfect Time Entry Software for Accountants

Tim Sines

You may be surprised to learn that our company founders aren’t just software developers; they are accounting professionals with over 20 years of industry experience! That means that when we set out to create practice management software for accountants, we were able to address the pain points and challenges we faced when running our own practices. There are lots of blanket time entry tools on the market, but Mango was designed specifically by accountants, for accountants! Below are some of the ways Mango can help with a CPA’s unique needs.

Protect Your Firm from Liability

Pretty much every company these days handles billing data like credit card information. But an accounting firm is an absolute gold mine for all the data a company might have on all its customers. That’s why it’s crucial for accountants to have data under lock and key—and our secure client portal for accountants does just that. The ImagineShare module keeps a detailed, real-time record of all client communications on a secure, 256-bit encrypted server. Click here to read about how this bank-level encryption is virtually unbreakable, so your firm and your clients can sleep easier knowing you’re safe from cyberattacks and litigation.

Make Every Second Count 

Time is money, which means every working second that isn’t accounted for in your practice is a penny that could and should be in your bank account. Mango’s CPAs time & billing tracking software helps you stay on top of all your time expenditures, so you and your employees can be fairly compensated for every minute you spend working hard.

Kiss Missed Deadlines Goodbye

Like we said, there are lots of online time entry tools out there; very few come preset with federal tax tracking due dates. Not only does Mango already know the most important deadlines a CPA will need, it can be programmed to send automatic notifications to employees and clients when certain tasks are coming due. You can track weekly, quarterly, monthly, annual, and bi-annual deadlines, as well as one-time events, meaning no more last-minute scrambles!

…But Keep the Tools You Already Use

There’s nothing more irritating than having to abandon a software that already works well for you, unless it’s manually migrating content from one tool to the other. Luckily, as former CPAs, we’re well-familiar with that struggle, which is why we designed Mango to integrate seamlessly with popular tax softwares such as QuickBooks, UltraTax, Lacerte, ATX, ProSeries, and Drake. Neither you nor your clients need to undergo the hassle of a long, complex data migration; just press a button, make a cup of coffee, and wait for the buzzer to ding (so to speak).

Know Where You Stand   

Our CPA time & billing software lets you access staff performance reports, client reports, and firm analytics reports, any time you need them (even on the go!) Our comprehensive automated reporting software gives you deep insight on every aspect of your firm, and allows you to make smart decisions about your time and money. Finally, our custom report generator makes it easy to keep all your stakeholders in the loop.

Our “Secure Send” email plugin allows your clients to send emails through Microsoft Outlook just as they normally do, with added bank-level security. Instead, you can complement and extend your investment in other solutions, and save time by cutting down on duplicate data entry.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a Free Demo!  

We are excited to provide accountants and CPAs with a time & billing management solution designed to address their unique needs. If you want to learn more about how Mango can help you with online invoicing, time tracking, due date management, data protection, and more, click here to schedule a free demo.

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